1. Welcome to VeyMall, a multi-vendor global marketplace, we are happy you are joining our community powered by buyers and sellers. But we have to follow the terms & conditions of VeyMall.
  2. Use of Service. These terms and conditions are a legal binding contract between you and VeyMall. This agreement includes all VeyMall services including social media platforms. VeyMall provides an online marketplace where users can list and sell products. Users who sell products are called “Sellers”, while users who buy products are called “Buyers”. Agreeing to use the service, the Sellers and Buyers enter into a contract for the sale and purchase of the products directly between themselves, VeyMall is just a middle person and is not a party to the sale or purchase transaction.*The risk and liabilities during any transaction is between the buyer and seller, not VeyMall.
  3. Opening an Account. An account needs to be created with VeyMall to use some of the services. You must be 18 years or older to use our services. Under 18 or at least 13 years of age can use the services under their parents’ permission.

VeyMall rules regarding opening an account.

  • Provide accurate information about yourself, it is prohibited to impersonate another person or use false information.
  • Choose an appropriate name, avoid using offensive or vulgar words, accounts shout be protected with strong password.
  • Users are responsible for their account information.

VeyMall reserves the right to refuse access to the service, cancel or terminate the account of use that violates the terms and conditions.

  1. Your Content. Information, including products, merchandise, messages, offers, purchases or sales will be shared with others publicly and not considered confidential by VeyMall. We are also not responsible for the accuracy, copyright compliance, legality of the items. You may find some content inaccurate, offensive. You agree and acknowledge that VeyMall will not be liable for any misuse of your content and waive all rights to any claim of confidentiality. Any user who does not agree that their content be considered public and not confidential, must not use our service.
  2. Purchase and Transaction
  • Buyers. Buyers are responsible for reviewing and reading the product policy, description, shipping zone before buying or making an offer. The contract to buy is between the buyer and the seller, not VeyMall
  • Sellers. Sellers agree that they have all the rights to sell the products/merchandise they offer and provide a true, accurate description of the items.
  • Shipping. The sellers are responsible for the packaging, labelling and shipment of the product/merchandise to the buyers. VeyMall recommends professional packaging and labelling. Since we provide a global multi-vendor service, we advise sellers to clearly specify their shipping zone in each product description. Buyers are responsible for any shipping cost. VeyMall does not own any warehouse.
  • Returns. VeyMall may allow buyers to return items in limited circumstances. When the item received is not as presented or described on the service, then the buyer may request a return by contacting the seller or emailing support@veymall.com. Refer to each item shipping & return policy for details.
  • Payment. Buyers may pay for items using VeyMall approved methods ranging but not limited to Credit Cards and PayPal. VeyMall will receive the payment from the buyer on behalf of the seller.By submitting payment information to VeyMall you authorize VeyMall to store that information and with your confirmation, charge you for any Items purchased.
  • Fees. It is free to register for our service, however, VeyMall charges transaction fees whenever an item is purchased through the use of the service according to the Fee Policy.
  • Illegal Items. VeyMall prohibits the listing or sale of any item that is illegal under any particular law, statute or regulation. VeyMall prohibits the sale of counterfeit items, without the permission of the company or brand.
  1. Taxes. Items purchased may be taxable in your jurisdiction, which VeyMall will collect from buyers on the behalf of the sellers. It should be noted that taxes are not included in the listed price, but will be displayed before purchase confirmation. Sellers are responsible for verification and reporting of any applicable taxes to the tax authorities, including cases where VeyMall does not collect taxes on seller’s behalf.
  2. Warranties & Liabilities. You should understand that VeyMall does not manufacture, store or inspect items that are sold on their service. We have no representation of content posted by users on our service. And are not liable for any transaction. We do not screen users of our services, please use good judgement while interacting with others both online or physically. Therefore, VeyMall is not responsible for the interaction with others. You release/exclude us from all liability relating to your interactions with other users.
  3. Disputes & Conflict Resolution. VeyMall is a social global marketplace and would like to resolve any dispute or conflict amicably. Buyers and Sellers who are unable to resolve their conflict, please email customer support at support@veymall.com. If any buyer or seller is unhappy with our services, please feel free to email us and hopefully we can resolve the issue, but these terms & conditions will govern any dispute.
  4. Disclaimer. VeyMall makes no promise, no guarantee regarding the quality, safety, authenticity & legality of any products/merchandise sold on our services. Our service is provided as it is, and we disclaim all warranties of any kind. Your use of the service is at your own discretion and risk.